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The essentials in 5 dates:

He started playing drums at the age of 15, his teacher, a fan of Buddy Rich, encouraged him to listen to Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Max Roach, Tony Williams.
He cut his teeth in a local club and moved to Paris in the mid-80s where he studied classical percussion at the conservatory. At the same time he tours regularly in Germany with a Berlin Free-Jazz group.


In July 1991 he participated in the “Banff International Workshop in Jazz & Creative Music” where he studied with drummer and teacher Keith Copeland and performed on this occasion with Kenny Wheeler and Steve Coleman.

In 2004, he created a Quintet with Sébastien Jarrousse which released two records favorably received by critics, “Tribulation” and “Dream Time”.

Creation in 2005 at the Tarmac in La Villette of the Jazz-Théâtre show "A Love Suprême" in homage to John Coltrane which enjoyed great success, toured in around ten countries and gave more than 150 performances.

2016 Release of the album "Jungle Box" as leader and composer.

Scenic references: Jazz under the apple trees, Jazz in Vienne, La Villette Jazz Festival, Conakry Jazz Festival, Radio France, Munster Jazz Festival, Montlouis Jazz Festival, Jazz' Alltitude (Briançon), Jazz Au Nord , Annecy Jazz Festival, La Baule Jazz Festival, Jazz' Attitudes (Laon) Les Francophonies, Jazzelrault Festival, Jazzèbre Festival, Africajarc Festival, Avignon Festival, RhinoJazz Festival, Marciac Jazz Festival, Le "Trabendo ", Stuggart Jazz Festival, Enghien Jazz Festival, Leverkusen Jazz Festival. The "New Morning" Paris, The "Quasimodo, Berlin, "Le Duc des Lombards", "Sunset/Sunside", Paris, "Jazz Festival on a Plateau" Larnas


Abroad: Italy, Germany, Ireland, Niger, Lebanon, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Caribbean, Israel, Belgium, Spain, Ivory Coast, Czech Republic, Burkina Fasso, Guinea, Algeria, Holland, Canada.


Performed and/or recorded with:

Emil Spanyi, Michel Perez, Patrick Artéro, Jean-Baptiste Laya, Anne Baquet, Carine Bonnefoy, André Villéger, Patrick Bocquel, Ludovic Depreissac, Brad Lealy, Philippe Petit, Ronald Baker, Déborah Tanguy, Patrick Cabon, Sybille Pomorin, Emmanuel Sourdeix, Bruce Jonhson, Dominique Vernhes, Sébastien Jarrousse, Duilhyn Nguyen, Pierre Christophe, Thomas Savy, Olivier Hutman, Gilles Barikosky, Michel Hausser, The "Rainbirds", Nicolas Montier, Isabelle Carpentier, Philippe Sellam, Guillaume Naud, Michel Rosciglione, Nicolas Gesnet, Nayenka Belle, Damon Brown, Rénato D'Aiello, Bruce Adams, Patrice Galas, Gilles Naturel, Martin Jacobsen, Georges Arvanitas, Olivier Zanot, Georgio Rosciglione, Fabien Mary, David Prez, Gilda Solve, Marc Thomas, Siegfried Kessler, Francois Biensan, Gregg August, Annabelle Mouloudji, Serge Adam, Sophie Alour, Bruno Rousselet, Steve Coleman, Rémy Toulon, Stéphane Belmondo, Jean-Daniel Botta, Olivier Bogé, Vincent Bourgeyx, Julien Alour, Jacques Schneck, Kenny wheeler, Damien Varaillon, Yoni Zelnik, Serge Merlaud, Denise King, Pascal Bivalski, Gilles Réa, Daniel Gassin, Matyas Szandai, Nicolas Dary, Damien Argentiéri, Hugo Lippi, Pierrick Pedron,  Monique Thomas, Frédéric Borey, Pierre Marcus, Christan Brun, Alain Jean-Marie, Frédéric Favarel, Philippe Aerts, Sam Coombes, Fabricio Nicolas, Caloé, Alex Terrier, Rick Margitza, Laurent Maur, Benjamin Petit, Franck Amsellem, Sylvain Beuf, Albert Bover, Josiah Woodson, JD Allen etc...



Dernier Cri-"Boulevard de l'Ocean"

Sybille Pomorin-"In The Tradition"

Sybille Pomorin-“Winterkoenig”

Dominique Vernhes-"Crazy Cow"

Gilles Barikosky-"Right Now! Right Quick!"

Dominique Vernhes-“Happy Disaster”

Pierre-Louis Cas-"Soul'Full"

Anne Baquet-"Anne Baquet"

Emmanuel Sourdeix-"Check Swing"

Patrick Artéro-"2 Bix but Not Too Bix"


Robin/Jarroousse-"Dream Time"

Margeaux Lampley-"Rain"

Olivier Robin 5tet- “Jungle Box” (Freshsound records)

Marc Leseyeux – “Organ Combo”

François Bernat – “Tribute to Miles Davis”


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