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 (Freshsound Records / Distribution Socadisc)


“Olivier Robin draws inspiration, with passion and elegance, from the great days of jazz in the 50s and 60s, with his many Jazz Messengers. Building on these solid musical roots,

He then breaks away from it to deliver original compositions, filled with a joyful, impatient and necessary energy with this playful and generous quintet which takes on a leading drum kit in the service of committed soloists. »


After distinguishing himself with the albums “Tribulation” and “Dream Time” from “Robin/Jarrousse 5tet” (Disque d’émoi, Must tsf, selection of the 30 best records of the year, rewarded with 4 stars in Jazzman)

Drummer Olivier Robin presents his latest opus of which he composed all the titles.


"I wanted Jungle Box to be a personal record where each of the pieces presents its own identity and tells a singular story. I composed the album's repertoire with this specific orchestration in mind and chose to surround myself with musicians who share my aesthetic convictions. Possessing a solid culture which draws on the roots of Jazz, they always take a curious look at current trends.

David, always inspired and elegant soloist,

Julien, for his urgency and determination, Vincent, an outstanding accompanist of great harmonic finesse and Damien, for the depth of his playing."


The group notably performed at the “ Algiers Museum of Modern Art»

to “ Paris-Prague» Jazz Club, at theCafe Laurent» Jazz Club, atEaubonne Jazz, at the “ Fabrica’son» in Malakoff, at “ Sunside» Jazz Club, Paris, at the Festival of "Jazz on a Platter“Larnas,

Julien Alour: trumpet, flugelhorn

David Prez : tenor saxophone

Vincent Bourgeyx: piano

Damien Varaillon: double bass

Olivier Robin : drums, compositions, arrangements.

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